How To Make Drape

how to make drape

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  • Adorn, cover, or wrap (someone or something) loosely with folds of cloth

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How They See Us

How They See Us

OK, so we've learned a little about the Chinese. It's been interesting.

But what do the Chinese think of us? Here's a few excerpts from what they've been reading:

"Even if suburban residents could walk to anything other than the house next door, they wouldn't. Walking is un-American. Whenever possible Americans drive..."

"For many Americans the best years of their lives were in high school - the years between 15 and 18. Teenagers have few responsibilities, plenty of disposable income, and lots of energy with which to have fun and get into trouble. Americans never outgrow this stage, continuing to indulge themselves right into senility."

"Americans manage to combine an overall public rudeness with heartfelt concern for others' welfare. They talk too loudly, chew with their mouths open, cut each other off at intersections when driving, and take the last doughnut without a second thought. Yes, they are generous to charities, kind to animals, and concerned about the welfare of the poor."

"Few holidays tap into the American psyche so closely as Halloween. Some of the nation's most distinctive character traits - exhibitionism, religious extremism, paranoia, and greed - all come together on Halloween to celebrate, protest, and turn a profit. Adults and children alike wear costumes, and often to work."

"American coins and bills have been specifically designed to confuse natives of other nations. Coins include the penny, nickel, dime, and quarter, not one of which is labeled with its actual cents value in numerals. American folding money is green, of uniform size and design, with a picture of a dead President on it."

American cuisine: "Americans will eat any disgusting and tasteless substance, especially if they can be convinced it will keep them healty or make them thin... Americans buy uniform strips of 'bacon' extruded from soybeans, liquid fake eggs in little plastic cartons, fat-free cheese that resembles recycled running shoes, cabonated sodas flavored with chemicals they can't even pronounce, and high-fiber bread bulked out with wood pulp."

"Turn on an American television any afternoon and you can see people discussing, in intimate detail, before millions of viewers, topics natives of other nations wouldn't whisper about in the dark. One may hear the testimony of a man who had a sex-change operation so he could live a fulfilled life as a lesbian, or a wife who had a baby by her sister's husband and wants another so the child will have siblings (her own husband doesn't know about the situation, but presumably will soon if he's home watching television). Talk-show guests include everything from homosexual fathers to bisexual nuns to children who killed their parents, interspersed with ads for laxatives."

"Excess body hair is taboo, especially in females. American women shave their legs and armpits and assume that any hairy-legged woman is a lesbian out to destroy the American Way of Life."

"The odor of the human body is considered repulsive. Americans like pleasant scents, and douse themselves liberally with perfume. They use deoderant in their armpits (which they delicately call 'underarms'), spray their homes with room freshener, put fuzzy dice in their cars, and drape their bathrooms with scented toilet tissue."

"Hunting remains one of the most popular American sports, with 15 million licenced hunters in the country. It's the sport of manly men, who wake at dawn to wander through the frosty woods or sit for hours in a bitterly cold duck blind and then go back to a cabin and drink heavily."

"The U.S. has over a million of its citizens under lock and key, more than 600 per 100,000. This is a higher incarceration rate than any other country in the world. By way of contrast, at any given moment only 44 out of every 100,000 Irish citizens are in jail, not including the ones in New York City... It is gradually dawning on the average American that this kind of law enforcement is not only expensive, it doesn't work very well."

"Nothing is ever an American's own fault; therefore, any unfortunate event is grounds for a lawsuit. When an American suffers even a trivial embarrassment or misfortune, the first thought is not 'How can I live this down?', but rather, 'I'll sue the bastards.'"

"The desire to find someone to blame and then to 'sue the pants off them' has made the United States the most over-lawyered country in the world, with over one million attorneys in a population of 300 million. Ridiculous lawsuits abound, including the man who jumped in front of a New York subway train and then sued for injury; the woman who sued the Pennsylvania state lottery because she did not win; and the golfer who sued a golf course when he was hit by his own ricocheting ball. In the U.S., anyone can file a lawsuit, and often it seems as though just about everyone has."

How to recycle a small decorative pumpkin into a bird-feeder

How to recycle a small decorative pumpkin into a bird-feeder

You may have had a lot of these on-hand for the Thanksgiving/Halloween/Harvest Season: small, heavily waxed, decorative "peewee" pumpkins. After the holidays are over, what is there to do with them other than compost them or throw them away?

I tweaked this from a picture I saw in 'Birds and Blooms" magazine. They were serving seed in hollowed-out pumpkins nailed to branches, but around here it rains and the seed would get soggy in no time, so I made a roof and a way to hang the pumpkin. These aren't made to last forever, although they usually have a lot of wax on them and the outside will hold up well for a while.

You need:

- a thick upholstery needle with a wide eye
- a spool of narrow ("baby") ribbon, narrow enough to fit through the eye of the needle
- miniature pumpkins, blotted dry with paper towel
- toothpicks
- a chef's knife or paring knife (whichever you're more confident with).
- a melon-baller or grapefruit spoon
- A teaspoon and some birdseed

1) Thread about a foot of ribbon onto the upholstery needle, double-thick. Knot the end.

2) On a cutting board or other nonslippery surface, cut the pumpkin into two pieces widthwise. Place the cut about 2/3 of the way up from the bottom so there will be a good bowl for seed.

3) Use a melon baller or grapefruit spoon to hollow out the top and bottom. Scrape out as much of the damp pulp as possible, and blot dry with paper towel.

4) Carefully thread the needle up through the bottom center of the pumpkin, with the knot at the bottom center. It will go through surprisingly easily, so get ready for it to come out the other side.

5) Place four toothpicks in the pumpkin sides as support for the roof. Make sure they're in firmly, but don't worry too much. They're not load-bearing, they just hold the "roof" up. The ribbon holds all the weight.

6) CAREFULLY put the upholstery needle through the top (just to one side of the stem...this will give a lot of resistance, so be careful). Pull the needle and ribbon through the top and drape it off to one side. Very, very gently (you don't want to jab yourself), press the top part onto the toothpicks. Again, they're not load-bearing, so you don't have to be too firm- just firm enough so they dig in.

7) Use the teaspoon to fill the cup with birdseed.

8) Cut the ribbon free of the needle and wrap the two sides back and forth around the stem a couple of times, then tie it. This should balance the pumpkin so the weight hangs from the middle, the stem, and not off to one side. Tie onto a shepherd's hook or branch and enjoy!

Total time per pumpkin- about 8 mins.

how to make drape

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